Mathematics and Science are basic fields that play an important role in determining the progress of a country. The contribution of Science and Mathematics in various aspects such as education, medicine and health, agriculture, technology and communication is undeniable.

          The rapid development of Science and Mathematics in this era of globalization demands that educators and scientists are always ahead in mastering the knowledge. This excellence in Science and Mathematics can be achieved through the exploration of knowledge and research conducted.

          Good research requires a high level of commitment from various parties such as researchers, lecturers, teachers and postgraduate students. Postgraduate students are an important asset in the development of the country as well as a catalyst to form excellent human capital.

           ICSTEM2021 in parallel with IPCSM2021 is planned to publish articles presented at this conference in the indexed journal SCOPUS.

          Researchers, lecturers, teachers and especially postgraduate students should be given the opportunity to show their full potential. Thus, ICSTEM2021 and in parallel with IPCSM2021 provides a space to assist all participants in adding the latest knowledge and ideas, becoming more competent and globally competitive. Through such activities, it is hoped to produce a generation that can be a pillar of the National Transformation Policy as well as boost Malaysia on the international stage.


   The collaboration carried out with two foreign universities, namely the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Yogyakarta State University and Padang State University is expected to increase the research and publication of lecturers at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics




  • Build a network of relationships between researchers and lecturers as well as postgraduate students in Malaysia and abroad in the field of Science and Mathematics and education.
  • Provide space for postgraduate students of Science and Mathematics (Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Education) as well as researchers and lecturers to present the results of research that has been conducted.
  • To expose researchers and lecturers as well as postgraduate students to the latest ideas and innovations in Science and Mathematics research and education.
  • Equip postgraduate students with interpersonal skills and communication skills through active interaction with each other.